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You’ve Got All Your Business Information Buzzing Around In Your Head

And You Can’t Bring It All Together


Stop going around in circles looking for the same information repeatedly.

Let me help you bring together all the ideas that are swirling around in your head.

Introducing… Your Business On A Page

Your Business On A Page is the most effective way to organise your thoughts and ideas

With Your Business On A Page You Will...

  • Have Clarity Of Your Vision

  • Connect With The Essence Of Your Business

  • Know Why You Do What You Do

Work with me to capture Your Business On A Page, You have all the information you need within you,

I’ll extract it (gently) and put it all together on one page,

Complete with your branding.

You Don’t Need To Know Everything To Capture Your Business On A Page…

You Just Need To Show Up and Talk

After our time together you'll have...

  • CONNECTION with your business

  • CLARITY of what you’re focusing on

  • CERTAINTY of your path and

  • CONFIDENCE to take action

You’ll be able to say ‘NO’ to those things that are simply distractions 

You’ll have Your Business On A Page

To guide your planning, decisions and actions

I'm Ready!

In this video I talk about Your Business On A Page and tell you the three mistakes people make when we don’t have our

business foundations in one place

Are you ready?

We’ll work together over 2 x 1hr sessions

AUD $249.

Click the Link Below to Book Your First Session


Our session today was brilliant! You really are working in your zone of genius. I am buzzing with excitement after you articulated everything that was buzzing around in my head, but I didn't know how to bring it together. I'm so excited by what we discussed and can't wait for our next session and move forward with this in the future

Mardi Brisbane

The Natural Healer

Love, love, love my business on a page, I am able to get clarity everyday on the direction I am heading, it supports me to not step off the path for every new shiny thing or distraction that comes along. I use it when I get wobbly and when I'm given a bright shiny object. Highly recommend.

Deb Lobendahn

Way of the Sacred Woman

After a 30 year career in corporate, with roles in customer service, sales, marketing, operations and project work, Kim stepped away to overcome health challenges. Now recovered from adrenal fatigue, Hashimoto’s, Hypothyroidism, anxiety and depression, Kim uses her skills and experience from corporate, her knowledge of health, together with her passion for business, health and mindset to support small business owners to transform ideas into reality. When I'm not having fun in my business, I'm walking in the sunshine and doing cartwheels.

Kim Guthrie

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